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Here’s a great post about changing the way you think to help you manage your eating habits and weight. For example:

  • Remember that food is not a reward.
  • “Diet” foods aren’t always the best choice — they can still blow your diet for you.
  • If it is sweet but not fruit, it is not for breakfast.

Read on for all the great tips.

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So I have been taking a summer hiatus from blogging. Didn’t plan it, but we started doing so many fun things outside that I haven’t been at my computer much so I haven’t been blogging. But now that we are having a Mississippi-hot heatwave, here I am inside at the computer. I don’t know that I can promise a post every day during the summer (it’s not going to be this hot forever), but I am trying to share good stuff with you on a regular basis. Hope you are enjoying your summer too, and staying cool!

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