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In his book The Complete Guide to Natural Healing, Tom Monte states that humans were built to walk. Walking is a wonderful exercise that doesn’t feel like work and is free. A half hour’s worth of walking conditions the entire body by exercising the muscles, heart, and respiratory and circulatory systems. It also provides perspective while you walk off tension, or can provide time to catch up with a friend or partner if she or he is walking with you.

Have you been hesitating in starting a new exercise regime? No need. Just go for a thirty minute walk, every day if possible. Make it the first step in your new attitude toward exercise.



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Sauteed Apples

This recipe from Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions uses no sweeteners other than the fruit itself. It’s not low calorie (it’s a dessert!), but has no refined sugars and is delicious and easy to prepare.


6 apples (or pears), peeled and cut into chunks

4 tablespoons butter


In a heavy skillet, saute the apples (or pears) in butter until golden. Serve with real whipped cream. Serves 4.


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According to Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions, natural sweeteners are products in which the nutrients have not been removed or may be more concentrated due to boiling down. Below is a list of natural sweeteners to use in place of refined sugars like table sugar and and high fructose corn syrup.

Raw Honey: Honey that has not been heated over 117 degrees is loaded with amylase, which is an enzyme that digests carbohydrates. The presence of amylase makes honey the perfect sweetener with grains, like toast or oatmeal, since it helps digest the carbohydrates in the grains. Raw honey also has all the nutrients found in plant pollens. Honey does not upset blood glucose levels as severely as refined sugar.

Maple Syrup is rich in trace minerals. Make sure you buy real maple syrup as much of the syrup you see in the grocery store is actually corn syrup with maple flavoring. It can be used successfully in baked goods such as muffins and pancakes.

Stevia is a sweet powder made from an herb and can generally be used by those who are sensitive even to natural sweeteners. A little goes a long way, so don’t use too much. It doesn’t add bulk to a recipe, so it is difficult to use in baked goods, but it is ideal for salad dressings, whipped cream, and your morning coffee or tea. One brand readily available at most grocery stores is Truvia.

Agave nectar is made from the agave plant. Unlike honey and maple syrup, it has a very mild flavor, more like refined sugar and it has a low glycemic index. It is great for sweetening beverages as it dissolves even in cold food and drinks. I like Madhava Agave Nectar.

Enjoy the sweet part of life.


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Here’s an interesting article about the amount of calories that we DRINK in our coffee-like, mocha, frappe, whatever beverages: http://tinyurl.com/y8j59dw.

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