So I made my first big trip to the grocery store on Thursday, to prepare in part for a pre-Easter gathering with friends yesterday. Eliminating single-sue plastic from my house for Earth Day 2018 is challenging, but not impossible. But food items is the biggest challenge of all. Here’s what I bought:

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2018-03-25-09-08-10.jpgSo the first items that I’ve needed to purchase that normally come in plastic packaging are milk, yogurt, doggy waste pick-up bags, and bags for food storage and  Sarah’s lunchbox. Here’s what I found: Continue Reading »

Re-Purposing Our Plastic

So today Sarah decided to re-purpose some plastic that we already have in our house. And at the same time, we didn’t buy more plastic and we spent time together creating something. 2018-03-24 08.57.57

We used a Powerade bottle (that we bought last month) and made a game similar to Yeti in My Spaghetti. We call it “Octopus in My Powerade”! Here’s what we used: Continue Reading »

It is one month until Earth Day 2018. During these 30 days, I am going to work to End Plastic Pollution and reduce my plastic pollution footprint by not purchasing anything plastic that I won’t be using for more than 30 days: no plastic water or beverage bottles, no plastic bags, no plastic food containers of pre-packaged food, no detergent bottles, no hair care or make-up products, no straws. I am curious to see how difficult it will be. Join me. There’s a lot of info available at www.earthday.org. Using the primer available at EarthDay.org, I determined that currently my monthly plastic pollution contribution is about 48 items. That’s a lot. Maybe a lot less than some, but way more than others. So my goal is to: not bring in more plastic and to try to reuse (instead of just recycle) the plastic that I have in my house. Wish me luck, and join me!

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I’m back!

Well, I haven’t been here for about four years! Wow, does time fly! I’ve spent the last several years focusing on building my law practice and being a mom to my daughter, who is now 7 and in first grade. But now that she is in school full-time, I find that I have a few extra moments to write and blog. So I’m happy to be back here and hope that you will join me again. I have a few ideas for upcoming projects and things, plus I’ll post some of the articles that I’ve written in the last several years so that you know what I’ve been up to and hopefully will benefit from the health and wellness work that I have been doing even while I practice law and be a mom.

Friday FiveA short Friday Five post at Attorney at Work that has five of my favorite productivity tips, gleaned from interviews with five successful people who are able to accomplish loads.

A Matter of Time DownloadHere’s a recent article I wrote for Attorney at Work, a great blog. The article, like the blog, is geared toward lawyers, but the tips are helpful to anyone who is busy and trying to figure out how to make it all work! The article is part of their quarterly download, which is a really great e-zine. This one is called A Matter of Time. I hope you enjoy it!

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