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Happy Dad Day!

To all the great dads out there, Happy Father’s Day. As a grown up daughter who is now appreciative even though I wasn’t so as a teenager, you are loved, important, and appreciated! Go Dads!


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Be Great by giving to others. After I started by Be Healthy running group, I needed a new pair of running shoes. As I sat looking at my old running shoes, I thought that surely someone could use them. They didn’t have quite the support I needed anymore, but the shoes are still in pretty good shape. And someone can use them: someone at Soles4Soles.

According to their website, “Soles4Souls creates sustainable jobs and provides relief pexels-photo-609771.jpegthrough the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world.” One way they do this is by collecting donated used shoes that are in good condition and providing them to people in poverty around the world. Those people are trained on how to start and run their own small businesses selling the shoes at a very affordable price to people who need them. These small business owners make enough money to provide food, shelter, and education for their children. There are donation centers around the United States, or you can purchase a shipping label to send in your shoes.

Yet another small act that makes a BIG difference.

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