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So today Sarah decided to re-purpose some plastic that we already have in our house. And at the same time, we didn’t buy more plastic and we spent time together creating something. 2018-03-24 08.57.57

We used a Powerade bottle (that we bought last month) and made a game similar to Yeti in My Spaghetti. We call it “Octopus in My Powerade”! Here’s what we used: (more…)


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It is one month until Earth Day 2018. During these 30 days, I am going to work to End Plastic Pollution and reduce my plastic pollution footprint by not purchasing anything plastic that I won’t be using for more than 30 days: no plastic water or beverage bottles, no plastic bags, no plastic food containers of pre-packaged food, no detergent bottles, no hair care or make-up products, no straws. I am curious to see how difficult it will be. Join me. There’s a lot of info available at www.earthday.org. Using the primer available at EarthDay.org, I determined that currently my monthly plastic pollution contribution is about 48 items. That’s a lot. Maybe a lot less than some, but way more than others. So my goal is to: not bring in more plastic and to try to reuse (instead of just recycle) the plastic that I have in my house. Wish me luck, and join me!

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