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Check out Two Angry Moms. They were appalled that their kids’ school lunch programs were undermining their efforts to help their kids eat a healthy lunch because the school was providing junk food with no nutritional value. So they made a movie, that you can see to learn more about it, and what you can do to help make school lunches more healthy.

Their website describes their journey:

Part exposé, part “how-to”, Amy chronicles the efforts of Susan and other leaders in the fledgling better school food movement as they take on the system nationwide. From Chefs Alice Waters and Ann Cooper reinventing school food in Berkley California to Chef Tony Geraci’s student designed meals in New Hampshire, Amy discovers programs that connect the cafeteria with the classroom and connect our kids with the earth. Over the course of a school year, we see Susan’s coalition drive dramatic changes in one Westchester, NY school district.

Two Angry Moms shows not only on what is wrong with school food; it offers strategies for overcoming roadblocks and getting healthy, good tasting, real food into school cafeterias. The movie explores the roles the federal government, corporate interests, school administration and parents play in feeding our country’s school kids.

See what happens when fed-up moms start a grass-roots revolution!


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