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Calling a food “healthy” is loaded. Everyone has a different opinion about what is healthy. Low carb. Low fat. Vegetarian. Standard American. Mediterranean. But one thing is true, no matter the source: whole, real food.

An example is breakfast this morning.

1. Three farm fresh eggs from humanely raised chickens from my friend’s local farm. (The chickens live in what she calls “the chicken mansion” and they eat the best fruit!)

2. Cooked in extra virgin olive oil.

3. Sprinkled with turmeric, which is savory and reduces inflammation (which is the root cause of many diseases and problems).

4. Sungold tomatoes, organically grown in my back yard.

5. Plus 2 leaves of basil and some pinches of sorel, both grown on my deck in pots.

Delicious. Nutritious. Simple. Enjoy!

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This is what can happen to my daughter’s hair if we don’t brush with detangler every day.

2017-12-02 11.06.56

We have a wet brush and a fancy curve detangler brush, and they work well, but good conditioner and an effective detangler are also essential. And I was running out of it. Or course, nearly all of it comes in plastic. So rather than search and search, I opted to make my own.

Here’s how:

  • One part olive oil
  • One part apple cider vinegar
  • Two parts filtered water
  • 10 drops lavendar essential oil
  • 10 drops lemon essential oil

Pour all ingredients into the plastic bottle I already have for the last bottle of store-bought detangler. Voila! Less expensive and I have all those ingredients at home.

Make less rather than more because it doesn’t have preservatives in it. And always shake before using.


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