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08281818373971260217932177621.jpgI found another great company on the right track with recyclable products that do not add to our plastics problem: Black Hog Brewing Co.

And the beer is original and great. I loved the Ginga’ Ninga, a pale ale brewed with fresh ginger. Even the can is beautiful!

And, in addition to the great beer, they use recycled and recyclable plastic six pack rings.



Love it! You should too. Check out their various craft brews, locations, and store availability at their website: https://blackhogbrewing.com.


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Recycle001.svgI can’t be the only person in my town interested in recycling plastic bags and wrap. In fact, I know that I am not. If you want to start a program in your town, like I want to start in my town, Plastic Film Recycling has a great step-by-step plan called the RoadMap to WRAP.

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I am traveling this week. And I found this at the airport! So excited to see at least two companies that “Get it” and care.

Even the top, which appears to be regular plastic, is planted based. I need to research a little, but hopefully that means biodegradable!

I agree, “boxed water is better.”

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